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With digital signage, your cafeteria can create physical environments that offer the same kinds of engagement customers have grown accustomed to online. In many cases, you can even outdo what the Internet is able to offer. Whether it’s running ads, offering directions, answering questions, or just about any other content-related goal, digital signage is your company’s opportunity to turn physical locations into engaging experiences.


PTG is proud to offer Samsung commercial displays for your digital signage needs. Unlike consumer TVs, these units are designed to operate 24/7/365, have anti-glare finish, and are warrantied for three years—including parts, labor, and onsite repair.

When selecting a display size, consider that customers may view your display from as far away as 10–12 feet. Mounting displays behind counters and/or from ceilings will further increase view distance, in which case a larger screen may be in order.

For best results, use commercial displays, not consumer TVs. For our downloadable guide on the differences between commercial displays and consumer TVs, click here.

  • 43"
  • 49"

Model stands 5'7" (170.18 cm).

Model stands 5'7" (170.18 cm).


After selecting what size displays you'll use, determining how they'll be mounted is next.

  • • Gets monitor closest to wall for clean look.
  • • Restricts access to behind-screen media players.

  • • Allows display to be pulled away from wall and pointed in multiple directions
  • • Allows easy access for maintenance on wiring and media players.

  • • Allows display to be mounted from ceiling.

  • • Allows display to be mounted from soffit when available.


To truly take your digital signage to the next level, a video wall is the way to go. Because of their large footprint, video walls offer the most flexibility. When combined into a greater content management system (CMS), the strengths of a video wall include:

Multi-zoned: Divide your video wall however you please — the wall can be zoned into any combination of screens. Your client company can also have a dedicated area on the wall to post their own content.

Menu mirroring: Display what's for lunch at each station and mirror those menus up to the front of the house.

Countless uses: During off-hours, promotional content can take over the entire wall.



Digital video and signage isn't limited to screens! If you're looking to project your content on a screen or wall, we have you covered.



The digital signage journey doesn't have to end at the door, either. If you want to bring your signage outside to play, we have hardware that can handle the elements.



If the ideal customer experience for your business involves sound, then your location needs an effective commercial audio system. Otherwise, your audio may be hard to hear or even distracting. Unfortunately, far too many business owners make the mistake of assuming that the most effective audio systems are those with the most speakers.

No two businesses should have the same exact commercial audio system. Even if they occupy identical spaces, their audio systems would be different based on their different goals, and the size and layout of the establishment.

When partnering with PTG for your audio system, you can leave the audio engineering to us—so you can focus on pressing "play" and serving food!

PA capabilities to make overhead announcements to your customers are also available.


A robust speaker system is a wonderful thing, but without a reliable, commercially-licensed audio source it's not very useful. We are proud to partner with Rockbot to sell lightweight, plug-and-play, tamper-proof media players.


Just as with video, audio is more than welcome outdoors when you utilize our outdoor rated speakers.


Whether you're breaking ground on a new facility or remodeling your current space, we know meeting rooms. We also know that business thrives or thanks in them.

Let us help you win more business with brilliant screens, integrated microphone and speaker systems, simple one-step telemeetings for attendees across the globe—we install them all.

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